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Follow these important steps to make sure you have the plan you need.
Through Alight, you can get personalized, unbiased guidance, making sure you find the best plan to meet your needs.
How does Medicare work? When is open enrollment? We've created some short, fun videos to illustrate a few basics.
Whether you're new to Medicare or already enrolled, our free, live webinars are an opportunity to get help and ask questions.
We’ve rounded up some resources to help you learn about topics like open enrollment, plan types and more.

What Alight Offers

Alight Retiree Health Solutions is a Medicare marketplace where you can shop for additional health insurance, enroll in coverage, and receive support from our licensed Benefits Advisors. With Alight, you get access to one-stop shopping and time-saving tools that help you choose benefits that cover your needs and fit your budget.  

Alight Services

Alight services are offered to you at no cost — you only pay for the plans you enroll in. A few highlights include: 


  • Access to top insurers like Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, Humana and many others
  • Coverage of all types, including $0 Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplement plans, prescription drug, dental, vision and hearing plans*
  • Help evaluating your options, comparing plans and enrolling in coverage
  • Personal and unbiased guidance so you can make informed decisions about your benefits
  • Assistance after you enroll, and in the future as your needs change

*Plans may not be available in all areas.

Learn About Medicare

Basics of Medicare

As you approach Medicare age, there’s a lot to think about. Once you turn 65, you can enroll in Original Medicare Parts A and B. Original Medicare helps pay some of the cost for hospital stays and doctor’s visits, but it doesn’t cover everything.

That’s where Alight comes in. Through Alight, you can shop for Medicare plans and get personalized, unbiased guidance, making sure you find the best plan to meet your needs. 

Types of Plans

There are three main types of Medicare plans: Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and prescription drug plans.

Medicare Advantage
Also known as Part C, Medicare Advantage plans cover the same services as Original Medicare Parts A and B and often includes prescription drug coverage. Some plans offer additional benefits like dental, vision and hearing care. These plans can be a good value if you’re looking for all-in-one medical and drug coverage with low or $0 premiums.

Medicare Supplement
Sometimes called Medigap, Medicare Supplement plans help pay some of the out-of-pockets costs that aren’t covered by Original Medicare, like copays, coinsurance and deductibles. With this option, most people buy two separate plans — a Medicare Supplement plan for medical expenses and a prescription drug plan for medications.

Prescription drug plan
Having a prescription drug plan (also called Part D) provides protection against high drug costs. You can add a prescription drug plan to your Original Medicare plan or combine it with a Medicare Supplement plan.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Once you’re enrolled in Medicare, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of your health plan. But every year, during the Medicare open enrollment period October 15-December 7, you should reevaluate your plan and make sure it still fits your needs.

Even if you’re happy with your current plan, it's a good idea to look into any changes coming next year and compare it with other available plan options. You could even find plans that save you money!

Attend a Webinar

Your employer has partnered with Alight to empower you to make decisions about your health coverage. Our webinars can help you learn more about the basics of Medicare, from plan options to navigating our website, getting support, knowing important dates and more.

Manage Medicare Like a Pro 

Starting to think about Medicare? If you’re retired and turning 65, or already 65 and retiring soon, this session is for you! Our experts will help you better understand Medicare and Alight, as well as share information about: 
  • How to enroll in Original Medicare Parts A & B
  • Connecting with a licensed Alight Benefits Advisor
  • Medicare plan options
  • Paying for your coverage
  • Ongoing support after enrollment

Register today: Manage Medicare Like a Pro


Learn How to Shop & Enroll Online

If you’re already enrolled in Original Medicare Part A & B and have attended “Manage Medicare Like a Pro,” you’re ready for this webinar. Our experts will help you learn how to shop online for a Medicare plan with confidence.  In this session, we'll show you how to: 
  • Set up an Alight account
  • Use the plan recommendation tool to shop for plans
  • Create a list of your prescription drugs and providers
  • Compare plans and understand how they’re rated
  • Enroll on your own 

More dates are coming soon!

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